USC Black Regalia

Traditional Black Regalia

Traditional black regalia is available to purchase for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. This includes the cap, gown, and/or hood. The deadline for placing purchase orders is Friday, March 11th, 2016

Traditional Black Regalia:

Includes the Tam, Doctorial Gown, and Hood

Doctorial Gown Valedictory-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 2639536
Price $688.00

Doctorial Hood-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 3065503
Price $175.00

Master Gown-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 2988070
Price $249.99

Master Hood-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 3064382
Price $144.99

Bachelor Gown-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 5353588
Price $214.99

Bachelor Hood-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 4010173
Price $134.99

Mortar board Cap With Tassel-Only

Style Peachskin
SKU # 3306081
Price $44.99

To purchase regalia, simply download the order form and return the completed order form to the USC Bookstore Supplies counter or fax at (213) 740-9038. For questions please e-mail us at

Order form in downloadable PDF format

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